Second round of Winter Dew Tour athletes announced

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 18, 2009 12:44 pm

As mentioned last week, Alli Sports will be announcing the groups of athletes invited to compete in the multi-stop  2009-2010 Winter Dew Tour each Wednesday. If you missed the first round of invited competitors, it is available here.

Second Round:

-Duncan Adams
-Anders Backe
-Xavier Bertoni
-Phil Casabon
-Russ Henshaw
-AJ Kemppainen
-Peter Olenick
-Tyler Petersen
-Mike Riddle
-Taylor Seaton
-Lyndon Sheehan


So far, there has been no distinction among the invited athletes for their respective events. On December 2, Alli will announce all pre-qualified and wild cards and the individual discipline breakdowns.

The first stop is rapidly approaching, as it is being held at Breckenridge, CO on Dec 17-20, 2009.

Check out the Alli Sports website for more information, or to register for the Gatorade Free Flow Tour.