Great new camera stabilizer for action sport filmmakers

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 19, 2009 7:10 am

Fancy yourself somewhat of an action sport filmmaker? Think you have what it takes to seriously compete in X-Dance? Well, if so, have a look at one of the best new camera stabilizers you can get. This device from Camtrol gives you control and stability that has never been available before now. Here’s a description from their website:

“Camtrol is the latest and most modern stabilizing platform for video and DSLR cameras with tilt-screens. Its uniquely engineered features combine to form a versatile tool that allows the user to capture images from any angle.

Featuring a fully-channeled landing platform, Camtrol allows for all video and still cameras to be secured in accordance with their individual centers of balance. The platform is cushioned to prevent slippage, and its sturdy T-400 aluminum body provides additional protection and support if the camera is dropped. The thumb-screw design allows Camtrol to be mounted onto any tripod or monopod head. The platform is compatible with quick-detach tripod/monopod mounts, and its foldable quod-pod legs provide a stable resting place whenever the camera must be set down. Whether on asphalt or on your desk, no longer will you need to precariously balance your expensive equipment!

By collapsing the rear legs, the platform becomes its own angled shooting device, perfect for self-imaging in sports, dance, or any activity that could benefit from instant video feedback.

With its triple 360 degree rotating ball joints, and vertical stabilizer bar, the Camtrol can be set to any of three primary positions that allow the user to remain standing upright while capturing ground level shots, overhead shots, and around-corner shots. The special ball joints allow for both right and left single-handed operation.

Camtrol’s anatomical grip provides easy handling and a slip-proof hold, minimizing the exertion required to manipulate the rig. With Camtrol, the user doesn’t need to stoop, stretch, or stand on shaky platforms to obtain extreme angle shots. Shooting over crowds and walls has never been easier, and shooting around corners is simple, even when the user cannot fit into the space available.

Camtrol’s remote receiver post allows controllers to be bolted to the handle, with wires running through the hollow grip and plugged into LANC ports on video cameras, and model specific direct remote hookups for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, and Olympic cameras with tilt screens.

The standard size stabilizer bar of the CAMS1100 allows for cameras measuring up to 3.75 inches in overall height.”