‘Kick a Ginger’ day leaves redheads bruised, many pros possibly affected

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 20, 2009 11:21 am

After listening to “South Park” character Eric Cartman’s proclamation that November 20th will forever be known as “Kick a Ginger” day, students throughout British Columbia took quite a beating to their crimson-hair-colored peers.

Red-haired students at as many as three separate British Columbia schools were victimized last November for allegedly having “no souls,” and being inherently evil people.

While the original South Park episode “Ginger Kids” aired over three years ago, this was the first reported acts of targeted violence against gingers.

Nanaimo high school student Aaron Mishkin figures he was kicked or hit about 80 times, all because of a created Facebook group inspired by the episode.

At another school in Sooke, west of Victoria, BC, more than 20 students at Journey Middle School were suspended after shocked teachers received complaints they were kicking redheads.

A 14-year-old Courtenay teen, who was listed Thursday as the Facebook group’s administrator told The Vancouver Sun the site was a joke and apologized for offending people.

But police, school educators and experts said it’s no laughing matter. Comox Valley RCMP were investigating the group, saying it potentially involved hate crime.

The immediate concern to us skiers and snowboarders, is the possibility that some of the world’s top pro skiers and boarders may be affected.

As skier Josh Bishop points out here in this blog, “Gingers and Daywalkers (people with red hair but not pale skin and freckles) have extraordinary powers.”

Bishop’s hypothesis suggests that since top pro skiers Matt Walker, Ben Moxham, and Dane Tudor frequently wear masks while on snow, have red hair, and absolutely destroy everything they touch; a connection between having red hair and absolutely slaying snowsports may exist.

Add that to the fact that Shaun White is easily the most successful professional snowboarder, and the connection becomes even more undeniable.

Currently we do not have any confirmed reports on if “Kick a Ginger” day was directly affecting any of these top ginger-haired pros.

According to Ben Moxham’s Twitter, he is skiing at Keystone today during the “Kick a Ginger” day happenings. A public place like Keystone could be one the most dangerous places for gingers today, as the sheer amount of people at the resort could leave a ginger scarred with many bruises.

No word on the other ginger pros whereabouts, but we will keep you updated with any new reports.

In the meantime, as a ginger myself, I’m going to be hiding out.