Slalom race on giant ramp in Moscow ready to go

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 20, 2009 1:41 pm

Tomorrow, alpine ski racers from teams across the world will gather in downtown Moscow to race down a giant man-made slalom. They’ll race on a 2500 ton steel ramp, with 5000 cubic meters of man-made snow on it. The International Ski Federation has approved the ramp for this Audi FIS Alpine Ski Champions Cup.

Racers will line up parallel to each other, with the current World Cup point leader facing the one with the lowest points. Each pair will race twice, switching courses on the second run. The winner gets 30 grand, and everyone gets 10 grand just for competing!

Günter Hujara is the FIS Chief Race Director for the Alpine men: “After the very successful glacier opening in Sölden (AUT) and the perfect slalom event north of the Polar Circle in Levi (FIN), it’s a very spectacular challenge to organize an Alpine event on the biggest ski ramp ever seen in the middle of the Russian metropolis of Moscow. The format of a parallel event in this invitational competition gives us the chance to promote both the FIS World Cup and our athletes, the heroes, with equal attention to the sport and to providing an excellent show. It is also the first time that our best male racers will be joined by most of the world’s best lady slalom skiers.”

The hope is that this event will peak people’s interest in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

“We will start water injecting the course at midnight today on Friday 20th November. The plan is to set a single pole course with ca 20, perhaps 22 gates,” said Hujara. “The racers will get their first glimpse of the ramp at 6pm local time tomorrow, before the great show starts at 8pm.”

Here’s a list of the competitors:

1. GRANGE, Jean-Baptise (FRA)
2. PRANGER, Manfred (AUT)
3. LIZEROUX, Julien (FRA)
4. HERBST, Reinfried (AUT)
5. HARGIN, Mattias (SWE)
6. HIRSCHER, Marcel (AUT)
7. MYHRER, Andre (SWE)
8. ROCCA, Giorgio (ITA)
9. JANYK, Michael (CAN)
10. THALER, Patrick (ITA)
11. RAZZOLI, Giuliano (ITA)
12. MISSILIER, Steve (FRA)
13. HOERL, Wolfgang (AUT)
14. VALENCIC, Mitja (SLO)
15. HOROSHILOV, Alexandr (RUS)
16. ZUEV, Stepan (RUS)
1. RIESCH, Maria (GER)
2. AUBERT, Sandrine (FRA)
6. BÖRSSEN, Therese (SWE)
7. CHMELAR, Fanny (GER)
8. RAYANOVA, Lyaysan (RUS)