University of California students abandon hopes of ski trips as fees increase 32%

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 20, 2009 12:23 pm

The University of California Regents approved a 32% hike up in tuition for next year. This has not made the students happy. They have protested in the form of occuping certain buildings throughout each campus and locking themselves in. This is happening in Los Angeles, Berkeley, Davis, and Santa Cruz. The protests are also about the lay-offs of several UC employees, such as those in the custodial staff.

In Berkeley, the students will not come out of the building until those employees get re-hired, and students arrested in the protest are granted amnesty.

Now, as a recent Berkeley graduate myself, I feel a personal attachment to this (and a feeling that I got out just in time…). Every season, a whole bunch of us would make weekend trips to Lake Tahoe whenever possible. Nothing better than skiing with your college buddies, having no worries, and absolutely living in the moment. I fear with the increase in school fees, students will have to cut back on luxuries…and I’m sure the weekend ski trips will be among the first to go. So sad.

What are your opinions on this issue? Did California have another option? They have no money! But still…to ask students to help the state because it effed up with their budget…how do you feel about that?