Andreas Hatveit crowned 2009 Peak Performance ‘King of Style’ with victory in Stockholm

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 21, 2009 12:20 pm

Well it appears that despite their best efforts, Sweden’s top skiers couldn’t hold off those pesky Norwegians, as once again a skier from Norway was crowned” King of Style” tonight in Stockholm. Atomic Skis team rider Andreas Hatveit won tonight’s contest with what else, but a beautifully executed double cork 1080 double mute grab.

The podium:

1. Andreas Hatvevit – Norway

2. Phil Casabon – Canada

3. Sammy Carlson – USA

Phil Casabon’s final tricks were somewhat of a refreshing through-back to the big air contests of the past, as he unleashed switch 1080s with the most stylish double Japan grab I’ve ever seen. Carlson was stomping double cork 1080s similar to Hatveit, but just couldn’t convince the judges he was on the same level of style as the Norwegian winner.

Some of the usual podium threats of the city big-air season failed to match their performances of late. While Tom Wallisch did put down some rodeo 900s with his trademarked after-bang style, his switch 1080 failed to score too highly with the judges. Swiss Armada rider, Elias Ambuhl, who has been one of the most consistent skiers this contest season, couldn’t land his doubles effectively.

Format for the contest consisted of each rider being given three jumps to show off their best tricks, while under the lights and music back-drop in Stockholm Stadium. 

Final Point Tallies for the Field

1. Andreas Hatveit, 286
2. Phil Casabon, 283
3. Sammy Carlson, 280
4. Pekka Hyysalo, 272
5. Jon Olsson, 270
6. Elias Ambühl, 262
7. Simon Dumont, 254
8. Patrick Hollaus, 252
9. Tom Wallisch, 240
10. Simon Ericsson, 201
11. LJ Strenio, 160
12. Jacob Wester, 134