10 things Lindsey Vonn said to Serena Williams atop Vail

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on November 23, 2009 11:52 am

Time to play the caption game!  Lindsey Vonn was on a photo shoot at Vail on Saturday where she bumped into tennis great, Serena Williams.  What did Lindsey say to Serena?  Put your creative hat on and put your caption in the comments section…

“You have a lift ticket?  Ha, I have my own run!”

“Do you have Roger Federer’s cell number?”

“I could sure use those thighs on the World Cup.”

“I dig those suspenders.  They’d make a nice addition to my speed suit.”

“Want to go stack some firewood?”

“Please don’t shove that ball down my throat.”

“We wore the same pants, omg how embarrassing!”

“Yeah, guys are always following me around the mountain, too.”

“There’s no grunting in skiing.”

“Sure you’ve got a good serve, but you’re gonna get served on the slope!”

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