Lyn-Z Adams lands ‘McTwist’ paving the way for female skiing progression

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 23, 2009 2:25 pm

This past weekend in Paris, Quiksilver hosted an event entitled the “Quiksilver Tony Hawk Show” at the historic Grand Palais. Mr. Hawk himself was supposed to the premiere showcase of the night, but not even Tony, who again landed his 900, could take the spotlight away from one very talented female. Yes, a girl managed to one-up Tony at his own signature event.

Lyn-Z Adams, a long-time skateboard vert pro, became the first women to perform a McTwist. A McTwist, consisting of one-and-a-half inverted rotations while in the air, had never been landed by a girl skater, period. Let alone, been performed under the lights of a grand event like the one this past weekend. Whether it was Lyn-Z getting charged off the audience’s energy, or she just felt the timing was right, she made history with that trick.

Watch it here:

With this maneuver, Lyn-Z may have inspired girls even outside of her own sport, as to no longer write certain tricks off as being impossible, simply due to one’s gender. In fact, with fellow Roxy Team athlete and female skiing superstar Sarah Burke in attendance, I full on expect this milestone to have ripple effects throughout the action sports community.

Here is a list of 3 tricks I believe could become realistic standards in future contests:

1. 1080 in Ski Superpipe

Sarah Burke already does 900s consistently; I suspect this move might come sooner then later.

2. Switch 1080 in Big Air

Kaya Turski has been throwing down clean switch 720s in contests, and has even been known to throw the occasional switch 9. I suspect with her new training grounds in Mammoth, she will be landing these in no time. Scope the video below for some of her park skiing prowess.

3. Switch Cork 720

Again, girls such as Kaya Turski and Ashley Battersby have been doing switch 720s for some time, but I think adding an off-axis dimension to the trick is a reasonable goal for many top female pros.