National Ski Patrol boosts funds with online auction

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 23, 2009 7:31 am

The National Ski Patrol teaches over 20,000 ski patrollers across the country crucial skills in avalanche and mountain resuce and emergency care. They scratch our backs, and now they’re asking us to scratch theirs. They’re in need of some fundraising, and here’s your chance to contribute.

They’re holding an online auction through AuctionFrogs, an Idaho-based start-up that specializes in online auctions for fundraising organizations. Go to and click on the auction link to check it out.

The idea with holding an online auction was to earn more revenue by increasing both the bidding pool and period. Here’s Norris Woody, Fundraising Committee Chairman: “AuctionFrogs will allow the general public to bid on some great ski items and encourage more people to contribute towards our fundraising efforts. The public support to the future of our organization by creating financial stability through fundraising, will help us continue our goals and mission of the NSP to the skiing public.”

Do your part and do what you can to give back to the NSP and thank them for watching our backs for all these years.