Ski Butlers in Breckenridge has a new owner

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 24, 2009 11:12 am

Do you know about the Ski Butlers? Very cool service. If you don’t own skis or snowboards and are sick and tired of waiting in the rental lines, why not have the rentals come to you? That’s what Ski Butlers is. It’s a rental delivery service. They have locations in California, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and British Columbia. Check them out at!

So the owner of this franchise is a guy named Bryn Carey. He founded the company and is the current president. He started it in a single-car garage in Park City before expanding to Vail and selling franchises. He quickly sold a franchise to Breckenridge. Well, now that franchise is his again. He’s the new, old, owner…

“This is a great opportunity for the town of Breckenridge and Ski Butlers,” said Carey. “Our service is a perfect fit for the visitors to Breckenridge. I am bringing my knowledge, enthusiasm, and resources from owning the Park City and Vail branches and implementing it here in Breckenridge. There is only room to grow.”