Get ready for half a million dollars worth of more snow at Ski Butternut

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 25, 2009 9:47 am

Massachusetts’ own Ski Butternut just spent $500,000 on 120 new Top Gun Pipe Dream, 18 foot snow guns. That means significantly snow for our friends at Butternut.

Here’s what Mountain Manager Tony Bleau had to say: “Bottom line, these will enable our expert snowmakers to open up more of the mountain’s 22 trails faster and to resurface trails with fresh snow quicker.”

These guns are also quite energy efficient, requiring a third less compressed air to make the same amount of snow. And, since the amount of guns in the area will now have increased by 25%, crews won’t have to waste time moving guns all over the area.

Bleau continued, “We’ll continue to make snow on up to even trails at a time, but employing the new snowmkaing technology will boost the amount of powder snow we can blow on any one trail at a given time.”