Roman Polanski’s ski chalet becomes private jail

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on November 26, 2009 10:01 am

Roman Polanski will be able to stay at his ski villa in Gstaad under house arrest as soon as the ski chalet is fitted with equipment that will be able to confirm that the avid skier stays indoors.  No word yet if he is going to have the ability to stomp groomers or not.  The famous Polish director who also has a little Frenchman in him is a critically acclaimed director and supposedly a pretty talented skier. 

Thirty two years ago, Polanski had indescretions with a 13-year girl in the US while he was a spry 44-years old and fled the country to avoid a jail stint.  For Polanski to be able to complete the deal, he had to put up a bail of approximately $5,000,000 as well as surrender his travel documents. 

This will likely go down as the greatest incarceration in the history of the prison system.