Snow falling in Mammoth! Wax up those planks for a good day tomorrow

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 27, 2009 4:25 pm

With our friends to the North in the Pacific Northwest and to the East in the Rockies having already been hammered with snow in recent weeks, it finally appears the Sierras might get some love in the form of decent snow accumulation starting tonight. Reports are forecasting about 6-9″ to fall by the time it stops early tomorrow morning.

Roughly two hours ago the snow started falling in Mammoth, and has grown increasingly heavier at times. General rule thumb: if it’s dumping in the village, it’s even heavier up near Main Lodge and in the higher elevations. So keep those fingers crossed, so all you Thanksjibbing folks in Mammoth will have a great day on the hill tomorrow.

Personally, I’m hoping for this to just be a teaser of things to come, as long-range models are putting Dec. 6-7th as the approximate time when Mammoth should see their next big storm.

Fun fact: Mammoth’s last El Nino year in 2004-2005 only saw 28.3″ of snow in November, before seeing 110″ fall the month of December.

So to all you Sierra-dwelling folks getting a little worried, take solace in the fact it’s always calmest before the storm.

Check out the webcam to see snow falling for yourself by clicking here.