Sun Valley ski resort opening day rocks like Kiss???

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on November 27, 2009 10:47 am

Lucas, Charlie, and Jere at the KISS Concert in LA

Opening day at the ski resort whose parking lot was once Warren Miller‘s home got off to a spectacular start yesterday.  That same parking lot that you could argue was the birthplace of modern action sports filmmaking was packed with Mercedes, Roll’s Royce’s, Ferrari’s and … I want to find something American made… OK – Caddies… as 2500 smiling faces came out to opening day, Thanksgiving at Sun Valley.   It was a bluebird sunny day that was even brighter with all the teeth showing.

One of the opening day skiers was young Charlie Trout (age 11) of Los Angeles.  “The skiing was great today,” said Charlie.  “We skied most of the day and I got really tired at the end.  The snow was great and we bombed some cool runs”  One of the reasons that Charlie was so tired was that he was at the Staples Center in Los Angeles the night before rocking out at the Kiss Concert.  “I Want to Rock and Roll All Night was my favorite song and we got to see Gene Simmons spit blood and blow fire, said Trout.  “I went with my buddies Jere and Lucas and then took a plane the next morning to Sun Valley.”

The biggest hit of the day was the new Roundhouse Gondola which was packed but had little wait time because of its incredible uphill capacity.  Where Charlie was rocking and rolling all night, it is clear that Sun Valley is going to be rocking and rolling all season!