Rachel Uchitel – the real inside scoop

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on November 29, 2009 8:03 pm

Rachel Uchitel the girl that might have caused the great Swedish skier and Mrs. Woods to Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren to beat up his car and crash into their neighbors tree has an interesting background to say the least.  Without sounding too much like a wikipedia entry, lets dig into this Manhattan hottie.

She calls herself an obsessive workaholic that takes customer service to a whole new level.  If the tabloids are right, then she is correct about taking customer service to a whole new level.  As a VIP specialist at clubs, Rachel caters to the top of the people pyramid.

The workplace story starts after college where she worked in TV and Film which included 5 years at Bloomberg News.  Then she move to Vegas where she launched the Tau nightclub and restaurant which is located in the Venetian.  Conveniently, she bought a condo at Turnberry which is behind the the Venetian and coincidentally loaded with the hottest of the hotties. Supposedly she divides her time between Vegan, Manhattan and South Hampton where she has been the director of operations at the Pink Elephant.   And, as of May of this year, was the Director of VIP Services at Griffin, a nightclub in the meatpacking district.  She has two dogs named Ozzy Osbourne and Rudy Giuliani.

When she opened Griffin, she wrangled the likes of Sting, Nas, Mickey Rourke, Aspen ski resort resident Kate Hudson, Uma Thurman and Salman Rushdie.  Not a shabby resume bullet.

She is a world traveler for sure and claims to regularly go to Saint-Tropez and the Four Seasons in Thailand.  Although she claims to not kiss and tell, she does acknowledge that she has been linked to a famous baseball player, numerous actors and musicians, and a broadway star. 

Her grandparents owned the El Morocco in the 1960′s which was frequented by JFK and Cary Grant.  Hopefully it didn’t take too much time away from JFK’s skiing.  And, she has desires to open a modern day El Morocco the same club that was a topless bar for a little while in the 90′s.

Well, if she does it now, it will likely get a little more attention.