Andreas Wiig leaves Nitro to sign with Forum Snowboards

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 30, 2009 10:01 pm

For those wondering why Andreas Wiig appeared to have an extra swagger to his tricks in the latest Keystone A51 Park preview edit, wonder no more as he has officially changed sponsors from Nitro, to sign with Forum Snowboards.

The move comes after Wiig has only spent three years riding for Nitro boards, and saw him launch his own pro model with his former company. It is not immediately known if Wiig will receive a pro model with his new sponsor, but it is likely after Nitro’s Wiig board was one of their highest-selling models.

The more perplexing thing about this business move to sign with Forum is that they will become his top-to-bottom sponsor. Meaning, Wiig will either sign with one of Forum’s associated outerwear brands such as Foursquare or Special Blend as a part of the deal. 

Wiig previously had a long-running relationship with Vans for outerwear, and will no longer remain with them as well. He is however expected to retain Vans as his boot sponsor.