Notre Dame Football coach Charlie Weis fired, should be able to ski more

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 30, 2009 11:42 am

Well we knew this moment was coming. Notre Dame Football coach Charlie Weis was let go by the South Bend, IN university in an announcement made Monday afternoon. The news had been expected shortly, as Notre Dame dropped its last 4 games to end the 2009 season.

The recruiting coordinator Rob Ianello will take over as an interim coach, and it is unknown whether the Irish will play in a bowl game this season.

Weis had never fully lived up to the expectations of the Notre Dame Athletic Department. While he managed to make two B.C.S. Bowl games within his first two seasons, he ended up with only a 35-27 career record at the school. Additionally, three years ago he set the mark for the most losses in school history.

Personally, we here at The Ski Channel think this could be a blessing for the coach. The pressure of living under the expectations of Notre Dame officials, boosters, and fans has to be extremely stressful. It’s no secret Weis has had his fair share of health issues, so we think it might be for the best.

In fact, now that Weis is no longer coaching at Notre Dame, he is free to move away from that flat state of Indiana to relocate somewhere with better skiing, like Colorado. Even Massachusetts would be better with its proximity to the Northeast resorts and skier-only heaven, Mad River Glen. Weis could even re-join his buddies with the New England Patriots, I hear they need Charlie’s tricks for the stretch run.

Let’s just hope Weis doesn’t make the same mistake again, and move to another flat state like Ohio, to be Brady Quinn’s Offensive Coordinator with the struggling Cleveland Browns. Bad idea Charlie. Those Ohio resorts aren’t going to cut it for a die-hard skier.