Rachel Uchitel is hot

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on November 30, 2009 1:01 pm

Hmmm uber hot skier girl from Sweden?  Or nightlife countesa who supposedly was having an affair with the actor on Bones while his wife was pregnant.  Let us see, does Tiger need to get into clubs or can he do that through IMG?  How about can he walk into the prime minister of any country’s private assembly and get in just because he is Tiger Woods?  Score goes to Elin.

Easy quick fling with someone who probably said, this is what I do – take care of famous people and keep quiet.  Or, come home to the similar but ridiculessly hottest of hot babes who if we didn’t already say so is a skier?  No doubt guys like the strange, but we say Elin is still too hot.  Score two for Elin.

Rachel Uchitel is hot.  No doubt.  Elin though is hotter.  Score three for Elin.

Elin is Swedish.  Rachel is not.  That is a 3 point conversion for Rachel.  Tie ballgame.  Sorry Swedish girls, but we caucused here and have all dated Swedish girls.

So for the win. 

Cost go home to Elin – already spent that money.  Bail on her for the strange – pay half to Elin and then spend on the strange.

No brainer – Elin wins.  Even the ding dong uber rich athletes would be too smart to make that blunder.

Elin Nordegren wins and gets to keep Tiger.

P.S.  If you did in fact scratch him and beat him with a golf club – stop!  He didn’t do it.  You win 4-3.  It’s all right there.  It’s just math.  You win 4-3.

Although Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky does screw up our system a little.