Robert Pattinson writes love songs to Kristen Stewart, good music to ski to

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 30, 2009 1:52 pm

Here at The Ski Channel, we frequently debate over the best music to ski and snowboard to. Usually Zeke, former rockstar DJ for one of the hottest radio stations in LA, has the best list. But even he couldn’t come up with this one.

Robert Pattinson of “Twilight” and “New Moon” fame, has stated that he would love to pursue a music career. However, he would do it anonymously. He doesn’t want his vampire fame fueling a music career, thus putting him in the category of actor-turned-pop star-even though they’re not very good at music.

“I write songs, that’s true. I’ll record a few tracks as soon as I finish the promotion for the movies, but before I won’t do anything. I don’t want to release an album which has a sticker on it saying ‘By the vampire of Twilight’ on it. If the record is released one day there won’t be my name or my picture on the cover. Everyone would be biased. No one would listen to it. Before I was famous I would have loved to perform in bars and pubs. But this isn’t possible anymore.”

OK, firstly, quit whining. You’re famous. Girls are dropping dead over you. Yes, there are pitfalls to that, but don’t complain that you don’t get the privelege of experiencing the life of a starving artist. Deal with it.

Secondly, we think the main reason for his anonymous music writing is so that he can dedicate the entire album to Kristen Stewart without anyone noticing. Thoughts?