Serena Williams to pay over $80,000 in fine

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 30, 2009 6:59 am

Last week, our beloved Zeke commented on what Lindsey Vonn probably uttered to Serena WIlliams when they were both spotted chatting with one another in Vail. After much speculation, we’re now confident that this is what she said: “Wow, sorry about the $80,000 fine. Ouch.”

Yes, as punishment for her outburst at a line official during the U.S. Open, one that involved heavy profanity and aggressive tones, Serena Williams must fork up $82,500. This is the most a tennis athlete has ever been fined. Considering Williams made $350,000 just by reaching the semi-finals, perhaps this won’t hurt her too much. This fine adds on to the $10,000 she had to pay immediately.

We’re sure Lindsey gave Serena a few tips on how to keep her cool under pressure. Although there are definitely some of us here at The Ski Channel who wouldn’t mind a little abuse from the lady Vonn…