U.S. Ski Team athletes Steven Nyman and Ted Ligety on their teammates: TJ Lanning, Bode Miller and Andrew Weibrecht

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 30, 2009 12:21 pm

The 2010 Olympic season is underway, and U.S. Ski Team athletes Ted Ligety and Steven Nyman are gunning full steam ahead for their next World Cup: the Audi FIS Birds of Prey at Beaver Creek.

The skiers took a few moments out of their day to share their thoughts on some of their teammates as they truck into the season.

TJ Lanning: The Park City-born U.S. Ski Team downhiller and friend to both Nyman and Ligety was seriously injured this past weekend at the Lake Louise World Cup. Lanning suffered a dislocated knee and fracture of the C5 vertebra in his neck.

Ligety: “It’s tough. I’ve been friends with TJ since I was four years-old, and seeing the bad luck and injuries he’s had… That’s a total bummer. Everyone on the Ski Team knows how much it sucks coming off an injury. It’s terrible to have to watch from the sidelines.”

Nyman: “It’s a tough situation when you’re in the gate and something like that happens and you know it was your teammate that just went down. And you see the helicopter take him off the course. But you still have to take it out of your mind and go down the hill with confidence.”

Bode Miller: The American legend has recently rejoined the U.S. Ski Team after skiing the World Cup tour on his own as part of the self-titled Team America.

Ligety: “Having Bode back has been good for the Team. He seems to be fully committed. And having a guy like Bode around is really good. He’s always pushing the limits of the sport, so it’s good to be able to train with him on a daily basis.”

Andrew Weibrecht: The young athlete recently rocketed to a 12th place finish from a 62nd place start order, and was the top American finisher at the Lake Louise World Cup downhill.

Nyman: “Weibrecht has always skied really well. He doesn’t have the usual ski racer stature, though. He’s shorter and stockier, so he’s had to adapt. He’s always been very good on the technical side, but he’s been figuring out the gliding side.

Lake Louise is a gliding course, and he did really well there. So he’s definitely improved those skills.”

Ligety: “Weibrecht is such a good, technical skier. His turns are even something I watch. He’s definitely going to be tough to beat in years to come.”