Jaimee Grubbs what the hell

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on December 1, 2009 1:52 pm

So Rachel Uchitel gets put under the spotlight and she denies like Paris HIlton denying Don Knotts on the dance floor.  Now we have Jaimee Grubbs coming forth and bam…Could you throw Tiger Woods under the bus any quicker?  Geez Le Freaking La Weesel!

Who would have thought that Rachel Uchitel could look so good so fast?  At least she held to her “no tell” rule.  Ms. Grubbs is supposedly going big time public in an upcoming US Magazine explaining that she and Mr. Nordegren had a 31-month affair and that she will be delivering some very torrid text messages to prove it.  She also said that she doesn’t have 4 or 5 text messages.  She claims to have 300  texts and photo’s.  Tell us Tiger that you didn’t take pictures!

Note to IMG agents… Do $1 dollar multi-year deal with AT&T that forces them to delete all text messages.

The 24-year old Grubbs said that the duo had 20 sexual encounters and that Tiger’s inittial pickup line was a tap on the shoulder followed by “You don’t look like you’re having any fun.”

The only question now is should we use the nickname “Jaimee money Grubbing” or “Jaimee fame Grubbing” because right now that is all this is looking like.  If you thought you had to come out with this info, why do it now?  Was Tiger leaving the house to drive to your house to break up?  Simple, you get the most bang for you buck and deprive someone else of stealing your thunder. Yes Rachel Uchitel is the victim here now.

Please let it be known that we at The Ski Channel coined both phrases “Jaimee money Grubbing” and  “Jaimee fame Grubbing” and we should recieve credit in all situations where the play on her last name is used in anytype of a “Grubbing” situation.