More ugly news for Tiger

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on December 1, 2009 10:16 pm

It seems to be getter worse by the minute for Tiger Woods as every peel of the onion is showing fugly.  Here is the latest bad.  It is now rumored that US Weekly is going to release a message that Tiger left on Jaimee Grubbs answering machine.  If this is true and it is the most innocent of innocent situations, El Tigre is still going to have some splainen to do as his beautiful Swedish wife is probably not going to be too fond of him calling 24 year old chicks on VH1′s Tool Academy.

US Magazine will also have text messages that supposedly say “I will wear you out…when was the last time you got F%$#$^?”  And, “Send me something very naughty.”  I am no expert of the female response mechanism, but the solid money is on the Swedish skier and uber hottie Elin Nordegren probably wanting to do something worse than beat him with a golf club.  To make matters worse than worse, it is also being reported by numerous sources online that Jaimee Grubbs was bragging to castmates on Tool Academy and even talked about their affair on camera.  So the chances of her being a complete psycho jumping on the bandwagon are diminishing.

Here’s a question.  How the hell does Tiger Woods have an affair anyway?  Much less 20 rendevous?  You would think this guy is constantly covered by lookiloos and nosey people. 

We are still pulling for you Tiger.  You have a beautiful ski baby to come home to everynight.