Kalika Moquin, Tiger Woods third gal pal

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on December 2, 2009 6:06 pm

We didn’t believe Rachel Uchitel.  Don’t know what the straight scoop on that one really was.  She certainly took the higher road.  We certainly didn’t buy into Jaimee Grubbs.  We were painfully wrong and still scratching our heads on that one.  Now there is a 3rd one that is being bandied around the web. 

Her name is Kalika Moquin and she is the marketing manager at The Bank night club in Las Vegas.  Rumors are saying the following:  They have been together numerous times.  He told her that marriage was crappy and that he wasn’t happy in his homelife or his marriage.  He said there was too much pressure on him.  Although Moquin didn’t come out and say they were having an affair, when asked she said that it was not appropriate for her to comment one way or the other.  We call that basically her way of saying, “I am really taking the high road but look everybody, I was with Tiger!”

Sources are saying that they met a couple of years ago and then got intimate starting in October.  Kalika was on the cover of a Las Vegas magazine and is billed as one of the most influential people in Vegas nightlife. 

There are also rumors now that Jamiee Grubbs may have gotten money from Tiger. 

Lastly, on the subject Tiger and Swedish ski baby/wife Elin Nordegren.  They are reportedly in heavy counseling, their pre-nup is being rewritten and a large 7 figure amount of money was being moved to Elin’s personal account.

Ruff week!