Say it isn’t so…a third woman in the Tiger scandal

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on December 2, 2009 12:02 am

In the “Please say it isn’t so department” comes yet another 360 twist in Tigergate. in a deftly worded piece that was surely scrutinzed by their editors has stated that there are several more women coming forward claiming to have had affairs with Tiger Woods. 

They go on to say that one of these women claims to have voicemails that are explosive.  They stated that they have not heard the voice mails to verify their authenticity, but are confirming that at least two more women are being linked to Tiger Woods in sexual affairs. 

Additionally, tomorrow morning at 9:00AM, US Magazines website is supposedly going to have a message that Woods left on Jaimee Grubbs answering machine where he said he was worried about his wife, ridiculessly hot Elin Nordegren, a ski bunny from Sweden and a whiz with a 5 wood, suspecting that he was having an affair.

No word on whether the Jaimee Grubbs or money/fame grubber as we like to call her is the same tape that is talking about.  No doubt the next 24 hours are going to be brutal with information flow of the sensational kind. 

Who is minding the store anyway on the PR front in the Woods camp?  This guy is an industry.  There are lots of jobs and livelihoods connected to the exploits and success of Tiger Woods.  Is there not a better damage control plan than avoiding the issues?  Granted this is not an easy wave to ride, but it is going to be an even worse wave to get hit by.  This one will drag you under for awhile.

Yesterdays news Rachel Uchitel has all but been forgotten about just as she was about ready to do the whole Gloria Allred 15 minutes of fame choreography thing. Who knows where that chapter will end up.

On a side note, last year Tiger and Elin bought a lot in Jackson Hole near the ski resort.  We think it would be good to take the little Swedish lady there and let her carve some turns.  Let her take her mind off of hitting Tiger with a 5 wood for awhile!