US Snowboarding Team exclusive training sessions in just opened Copper Superpipe

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 2, 2009 5:21 pm

As I mentioned in my previous article announcing the opening of the Copper Mountain Superpipe (the only one currently open in the country) the US Snowboarding Team has been privileged with exclusive use of the pipe each morning in preparation for the first stop of the Grand Prix.

We’ve just obtained some footage of the first days of training, and it appears these riders are barely skipping a beat. While most of these boarders likely haven’t rode a superpipe since New Zealand-based summer contests, all of these athletes look amazingly polished.

Take Shaun White for example, the 2006 Olympic Gold Medalist seems to have his double cork routine on point since his private Red Bull halfpipe sessions. Clearly, Shaun has to be reading TSC and is taking heed to my warning about Paris Hilton possibly vying for his spot…

Something tells me it’s safe for now, have a look: