Birds of Prey downhill course heavy on turns and flow this year

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 3, 2009 10:20 am

There’s been a change to the Birds of Prey downhill course this year. According to many coaches and athletes, the course has a lot more turns than usual, but apparently this doesn’t detract from the “flow” of the course at all. Says U.S. alpine men’s head coach Sasha Rearick: “The course is turnier this year. That’s a general trend right now in the World Cup. The downhills are becoming a little turnier…they are turnier but the courses seem to be flowing well,” he said. “A couple years ago when they stared making the courses turnier it was blocky. I think that’s what’s nice about this course here in Beaver Creek, it is turnier but, for the most part, it’s going to flow. You never know until you actually run it, but from looking at it, it looks like it’s going to flow pretty good.”

Rearick feels the course will give advantage to some of our athletes: “Guys like Weibrecht, it suits him really well, [Eric] Fisher can turn the boards when he skis over the front of the boots and keeps his chest down and goes deep in the turn he can ski those. Marco Sullivan has made a lot of progress. He spent the whole summer working on his transition, going deeper in the turn, skiing on injected courses so that he could handle that. As we saw in Lake Louise in the steeper, turnier parts of the course he did really well.”

Bode Miller is little more weary of losing some speed, but hopefully he’ll be pleasantly surprised come Saturday: “They keep making the courses turnier and turnier and the speeds are just way down everywhere,” said Miller. “Now everything is so technical it’s like a Super G … the last 25 seconds and the first 15 seconds are the only parts that feel like a downhill the rest is pretty much hard turning the whole way, solid edge to edge the whole way down.”

Succumb to the flow, Bode…the speed will come…Beaver disappoints no one.