Cold and snowy weather may hit California and Colorado hard next week

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 3, 2009 11:23 am

Skiers and snowboarders rejoice! According to reports from the National Weather service, Colorado and California should expect some solid pow days going into next week. With freezing temperatures and wet weather ahead, things are looking good for winter mountain sport enthusiasts.

In Colorado this week, temperatures were nearing record lows, with Denver expected to come down to 2 degrees tonight. If it’s 2 degrees in Denver, imagine what the mountains hold! More of the same is being forecast for next week.

In California, here’s the report of what we can expect next week:

"The jet stream over the Pacific is expected to strengthen next week leading to increased transport 
of subtropical moisture into the region. Chances for winter storms will increase as a result. While
there remains a high degree of uncertainty regarding the exact timing and location of any storms,
our latest forecast is anticipating two systems to affect the region next week.  The first would be
associated with a strong cold front early in the week, roughly sunday night or monday. Snow levels
with this system will drop to the valley floors. A second, warmer, storm is possible later in the week,
sometime between Wednesday and Friday. Snow levels would be higher with this storm. With both
systems, winds will increase and become strong especially on the sierra ridges.
(National Weather Service).