Ski clothing guru gets pass for life at major resort

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on December 3, 2009 6:49 am

Mike Kaplan and company at the Aspen Ski Co have made a wise decision – not from an actuarial standpoint, but from a humanitarian standpoint as they have given the coolest cat on the planet a lifetime pass.  Klaus Obermeyer, the just turned 90 founder of Obermeyer,  ski industry pioneer and the guy who can yodel better than anyone in the ski industry is nothing of short of a rock star in the space.  He is Robert Pattinson meets Bon Jovi.  And the guy can ski like Bode Miller.

There is not a more positive, happy person.  At the SIA shows, Obermeyer is a staple standing outside their show space and talking to every passer by like they were the President of the United States.

The amount of times he has been on The Ski Channel reading line after line of inane stupid babble that we had concocted is off the charts.  A great day for Aspen, a great day for skiing and a great day to be a human being!

Cheers to Klaus!

Check back to the site later and we will have some Klaus Obermeyer yodelmania online.