Squaw Valley scores top environmental ranking of 83 U.S. ski resorts

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on December 3, 2009 5:44 pm

It’s definitely a gigantic cherry on the top of Squaw Valley’s 60/50 celebration (60th birthday & 50th anniversary of the Squaw Valley Winter Olympics).  The Ski Area Citizens’ Coalition has released its annual Ski Area Environmental Report Card for 2009/2010.  Topping that list is Squaw Valley USA.

It’s a hugely deserved honor as Squaw Valley has invested heavily in enviromental policies.  From geothermal heating for the entire Squaw Kids Children’s facility, to the multimillion dollar water run off filtration system in the parking lot, a state-of-the-art heat exchange system at High Camp’s Ice Pavilion and Lagoon & Spa, and comprehensive forest re-vegetation projects that help to preserve Squaw Valley’s natural eco system.  Squaw Valley is on point environmentally and applause is definitely due.

“The environment is our asset,” asserts Chairman and CEO Nancy Cushing. “A beautiful and pristine mountain experience brings guests and employees to Squaw Valley. It is our duty to make every effort to protect that experience.”

It’s the third year that Squaw Valley has received an ‘A’ grade.  The grade and score are based on four criteria: protection of watersheds, addressing global climate change, environmental policies and practices, and habitat protection. 

Squaw Valley scored a perfect 104 (out of 104) in habitat protection.  It’s no wonder, as Squaw Valley has an entire department dedicated to forest and vegetation and environmental management.  Squaw Valley’s Environmental Improvement Department re-vegetates disturbed areas, while working to improve the mountain’s natural vegetation, riparian areas, and wetlands to reduce erosion and preserve water quality.

A big congratulations to Squaw Valley, a crown jewel of ski resorts worldwide.  With unmatched terrain featuring the greatest ski lift in North America, the award is huge reason to give Squaw Valley your business this year.  Climate change is an issue we must all deal with, and as skiers the best way for us to make a difference is with our wallets.  Support ski areas that are pro-active in their environmental policies.

Top Ten
#  -  Name  -  Grade
1     (A) Squaw Valley USA – California     89.7%
2     (A) Aspen Mountain Ski Resort – Colorado     86.1%
3     (A) Buttermilk Mountain Ski Resort – Colorado     85.7%
4     (A) Sugar Bowl Ski Resort – California     82.3%
5     (A) Sundance Resort – Utah     82.2%
6     (A) Alpine Meadows Ski Area – California     82.0%
7     (A) Park City Mountain Resort – Utah     81.7%
8     (A) Bogus Basin Mountain Resort – Idaho     81.3%
9     (A) Aspen Highlands Ski Resort – Colorado     80.3%
10     (A) Powderhorn Resort – Colorado

(big box photo by Nathan Kendall)

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