Tiger Woods allegedly pays Rachel Uchitel to keep quiet, Elin Nordegren may get $300 million

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 3, 2009 9:58 am

Today was supposed to be the day that Rachel Uchitel and celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred came out to the press with an official statement. Actually, it was supposed to happen right now.

Well, that’s been canceled last minute. Hmm. There are speculations that Tiger Woods was in communicado with Uchitel as recently as last night, and sources say Tiger’s representatives spoke with her for 30 minutes before coming to some sort of “agreement”. Does that translate into dough? Gloria Allred is not known to cancel press conferences, so this deal may very well have been enormous.

Speaking of enormous deals, if Elin Nordegren decides to divorce her husband (which of course we really hope doesn’t happen), she would get quite the deal herself—in the tune of $300 million. How many ski resorts do you think that could buy? (Well, probably only one or two actually).

Whatever the case may be, that’s certainly a lot of green. However, Tiger has confessed and apologized (click here to listen to the voicemail to Jaimee Grubbs that outs him), and hopefully he and Elin can put this mess behind them and move forward without putting any rift in the family.