Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon drop first episode of the ‘B&E Show’

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 4, 2009 3:58 pm

Well it seems to be the hottest trend right now if your a professional skier. Forget Facebook, Twitter, or blogging. To know you’ve finally made it as a pro skier now, you’ve got to have your own video series. 

Last season is was Ian Cosco’s “Chug Life” and Line’s “Traveling Circus” that really turned heads, and this year it looks like the “B&E Show” featuring skiers Phil Casabon (B-Dog aka “B”) and Henrik Harlaut (E-Dollo aka “E”), will be the hottest ski ‘pilot’ of the year.

Casabon, who hails from Canada, and Sweden’s Harlaut are arguably two of the most idolized skiers for their distinctive styles, particularly on rails. Because of this, it’s only natural the two friends would team up to produce a show together. 

Speaking of rails, be sure to take notice of the amazing “surface switch-ups” the two have been perfecting. These rail tricks look so effortless, it’s impossible to tell the riders are actually initiating the movements. This episode also features some solid footage from last month’s ‘King of Style’ held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Notice: B&E Show Episode 1 features music with explicit lyrics

B&E Show Episode 1 – WinterJam from Blackout Project on Vimeo.


Be sure to tune into TSC for the next installment of the B&E Show when it drops.