Here come the Rachel Uchitel birthday suit shots

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on December 4, 2009 11:46 am

We have seen more pictures of Rachel Uchitel in the last two days than every scientist, author and teacher in the history of the free world.  But we haven’t seen the birthday suit shots. 

Well it is being rumored now by numerous sources across the web that they are coming to a 17 inch MacBook Pro near you.  Supposedly, the nude shots of Rachel Uchitel, the girl that started this whole media storm and helped force Tiger  Woods to have to way up his financial devotion to lovely Elin Nordegren - ski baby from Sweden and reigning Mrs. Woods, supposedly the shots were taken on a cell phone.  The owner of those shots is pounding the pavement trying to capitalize off the media storm.  You can bet somewhere a Playboy Magazine Accountant or some porn Accountant is running numbers as we speak.

Note to self…always take naked pictures of famous people!