Tiger Woods allegedly did not pay Rachel Uchitel to keep quiet, nude pictures of her may surface

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 4, 2009 7:08 am

Some more news in the world of Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel, Elin Nordegren, Jaimee Grubbs…and any other women who may be involved…

As we reported yesterday, Rachel Uchitel canceled her press conference with lawyer Gloria Allred. There were speculations that she did so because Tiger Woods paid her off in order to keep quiet.

However, the latest reports speculate that Tiger in fact did NOT pay her off. She allegedly canceled the press conference on her own because she was scared of the potential consequences.

It sounds like Uchitel fears for her safety. Is Tiger powerful enough to bring that big of a crap storm on her head?

Some sources say Tiger confided in Uchitel regarding the many affairs he was having with multiple women. It is inferred that Uchitel knows more about Tiger’s “transgressions” than anyone else does. Perhaps this is partially why she feels uncomfortable coming out with any information.
Uchitel wishes to get out of the spotlight, and hopes for this whole thing to just disappear. She would especially love for this to happen before the alleged nude photos of her surface.

Maybe part of the deal with Tiger was that if she kept quiet, he and his people would make sure no naked pictures of her are ever released.
Well that’s sure to disappoint some…