Andrew Weibrecht skis another strong race for the U.S. Ski Team at Beaver Creek World Cup

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 5, 2009 11:46 am

Young U.S. Ski Team athlete Andrew Weibrecht notched another solid result at the Beaver Creek World Cup downhill, placing 11th after a 47th place start. “I just had a good run. I just tried to ski solid and ski within myself,” Weibrecht said. “I was happy with it overall.”

Weibrecht was the second American, behind Bode Miller who finished fourth. The 23 year-old Lake Placid skier credited his teammates for helping him with the race. “Marco (Sullivan) gave me a great course report,” Weibrecht said. “He told me just to charge, and I tho

ught, this is coming from a guy who is sitting in 11th right now.”

Weibrecht ended up helping to bump Sullivan to 14th, and his solid race didn’t come as too much of a surprise. “I kind of knew that I had it in me, but I didn’t expect it to come out this early,” Weibrecht said of his consistent solid performances. “It’s great to get a few good results at

Photo Courtesy of Doug Haney/U.S. Ski Team 

the front end.”

Weibrecht’s skiing has so impressed his coaches, that the U.S. Ski Team selected him to start in tomorrow’s World Cup GS race. Weibrecht is a speed skier, but clearly, his coaches are looking to a possible overall bid. “I’m excited to race the GS. I’m not ranked very high, in fact, I’ll probably start last,” Weibrecht laughed. “I feel pretty good about my GS skiing. Every once in a while I surprise myself, so I’m just going to give it a shot and hope for the best.”

Some credit Weibrecht’s compact muscular build for his success, and Weibrecht himself feels it could be an asset. “Didier Cuche has a similar build. I have a ton or respect for him because he’s shaped like myself,” Weibrecht says. “I watch all of his videos and I feel like I can learn a lot from him.”

As for the future, Weibrecht feels it’s bright. “ I just need to believe in myself and aknowldege myself that I got here for a reason,” Weibrecht says. 

If this season’s start is any sort of indication, it looks like the “War Horse” is surely going places.