Atomic pro skier Andreas Hatveit has a better backyard than you – Pt. 2: Park clips

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 7, 2009 4:51 pm

As I mentioned to loyal Ski Channel readers last Monday, former X-Games ski champion Andreas Hatveit has been constructing a grandiose ‘backyard set-up’ at his home in Norway. Due to the sheer size of the home-based terain park, it’s almost degrading to associate it with the typical PVC rails that so often constitute the average backyard set-up.

This new playground for Hatveit and his friends features a triple rail line, and the centerpiece: a table-top jump large enough to accommodate double flips and corks.

It’s almost a case of the “rich getting richer” with Hatveit and this backyard training facility. Hatveit, who is the only pro skier throwing double flips both ways, could be nearly unstoppable going into a contest such as X-Games.

Check out the epic footage of Andreas and the boys testing the new stomping grounds.