Info about 2010 Salomon Extreme Freeride Championships at Taos

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 7, 2009 4:32 pm

Hey, if you’re interested in the Salomon Extreme Freeride Championships this year at Taos, check out some of this info from their website:


“Cash purse of $12,000 and prizes for the top male and female freeriders in the 5th Annual Extreme
Freeride Championships at Taos being held March 10th – March 13th, 2010.
Wednesday, March 10th  
Athlete check-in and welcome reception. Mandatory event meeting for all athletes at the welcome
reception. This event is for all competitors and will be held at Taos Ski Valley’s Martini Tree Bar starting at
6:00 pm. 
Thursday, March 11th 
1st day of competition, entire field of competitors with the exception of pre-qualified athletes (1 run). 
Friday, March 12th  
2nd day of competition, approximately half of the 1st day’s field plus pre-qualified athletes (2 runs). 
Saturday, March 13th 
Final day of competition. Top 35 competitors, 20 male, 5 women, 5 junior males and 5 juniors females, will
ski/ride 2 runs. Post event awards party and banquet to be held at the Martini Tree Bar.

The Freeskiing Competition
• This event is first-come, first-serve, including pre-qualified competitors.
• Helmets are mandatory and must be manufactured for ski competition.
• The three categories for the event are:
Juniors – 14 – 17 years old (male & female)*
Women – 18 and over*
Men – 18 and over*
Masters – 40 and over*
*All competitors under twenty years of age are not eligible to qualify for Freeride World Tour
• Venues will be decided the week before competition. The venue location for qualifying day will be
announced at registration. The venue location for quarter-finals and semi-finals will be announced the
morning of qualifying day. The venue location for the finals will be announced the evening of semi-final
day. Only competitors remaining in the contest may inspect venues for the next day. Competitors cut
from the contest who are poaching the next venue will lose their credentials and their lodging (if
• Male, female and junior fields are separate and will not compete against each other. We will allow for
30 juniors, 20 women and 70 male competitors. The purse for the fields may be different.
• Field size may vary according to female and junior participation. If the female and junior fields are
below 20 participants in each category, the spots will be given to adult men on a first-come, first-serve
 Total field size will be limited to 120 competitors (byes will not compete until quarterfinals).
• Byes are ONLY given once the field size has been determined and all competing athletes have
• The field will be cut on qualifying day to fulfill a 50-competitor quota for the men and a 10-competitor
quota for the women for quarter-finals. Byes will be included at this time. Byes will not ski until quarter-
• Bibs will be distributed randomly at registration.
• Competitors must have bibs on them whenever skiing at any time during this event.
• Start orders will be random on qualifying day. (Does not have to be consecutive bib order.)
• On March 11th, 120 competitors will compete in quarter-finals, 1 run. The fields will then be cut in half
and 75 competitors will compete in semi-finals, 1 run.
• Semi-final competitors will run in reverse order of advancing quarter-final competitors. 
• The final day will consist of 35 competitors, 20 men, 5 women, 5 junior males and 5 junior females.  
(2 runs).”