Skateboarder Ryan Sheckler relies on brotherly love to beat down intruder

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 7, 2009 10:25 pm

It hasn’t been an easy go for Ryan Sheckler this year. First he badly injures his ankle during the X-Games Skateboarding Street contest, and had to be carted off the course. Then, If limping around on a bad ankle wasn’t already hard enough, Sheckler also had to deal with additional headaches stemming from a very public embezzlement case amongst his own two companies. Now, it appears that Sheckler has also been dealing with some pretty creepy security issues.

The MTV “Life of Ryan” star and frequent snowboarder, has recently fallen victim to some stalker activities at his San Clemente, CA home. On Saturday, the skateboarder’s mother had to turn away a middle-aged man who was attempting to get a little too close to the Sheckler residence. 

When the man came back later that night to again persuade his way into the home, Ryan’s younger brother, Shane Sheckler, stepped in to take care of the matter. Apparently, Shane was able to disengage the man trying to enter the home by relying on nothing more but a good old-fashioned whopping.

By the time San Clemente officers responded to the call, they found the suspect tending to his injuries outside the home. The alleged intruder was subsequently treated at the hospital, and will likely face charges in the near future.