Gatorade drops Tiger Woods signature beverage line, claims no connection to marital issues

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 8, 2009 2:04 pm

Could Tiger Woods’ lucrative endorsements be in as much trouble as his marriage? 

The world’s first billionaire athlete (attributed much to those endorsement contracts) might be in danger of losing that title. Gatorade has announced that their Tiger Woods Focus Gatorade line will end its production run on December 26th (Boxing Day to our Canadian friends). The sports-drink giant claims that this was a Gatorade business decision made months ago, and they will continue to conduct business with the golfer. 

Either way you spin it, it’s a fortunate time for Gatorade to cut direct product ties to the high-profile athlete.

Let’s just hope that this will open the door for Gatorade to invest more capital into the ski and snowboard communities. Earlier this year, The Ski Channel informed readers about the creation of the Gatorade Free Flow Tour contest series. The amateur off-shoot of the highly successful Winter Dew Tour, will allow individuals to break into the pro circuit via regional and national competitions.

Now that Tiger is out of the Gatorade picture for a while, maybe it’s time for Gatorade to make more of an action sports presence. With the Olympics and Winter X-Games coming up, it’s the perfect time to add some skiers and snowboarders to their roster.