Winter Dew Tour preparations: Simon Dumont and Empire Attire team dial tricks in Copper Superpipe

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 8, 2009 1:07 pm

Simon Dumont’s glove company, Empire Attire, recently held a combination team photo-shoot and Dew Tour training session at the Copper Mountain Superpipe.

Empire skiers Simon Dumont, Colby West, Jossi Wells, Peter Olenick, and Gus Kenworthy were all on hand to partake in the gathering.

Being one of only two superpipes in the country open for shredding, Copper Mountain has become the epicenter for all pipe activity as famous skiers and boarders flock to the resort to prepare for major upcoming events such as the Winter Dew Tour and USSA Grand Prix.

We here at ‘TMSki’ have definitely had our eyes on the Copper pipe of late, as it truly gives a glimpse into the upcoming superpipe competition season. From what we can tell so far, It definitely looks like the name of the game will be doubles.

Whether it’s in disciplines such as slopestyle, big-air, or pipe, if you don’t have your doubles dialed in, you might want to consider taking up another career. That’s how important these maneuvers have become for a successful, competitive run.

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