Add another to the list: Canadian Matt Margetts seen trying double corks in superpipe

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 9, 2009 5:59 pm

With the Winter Dew Tour only about 8 days from launching its sophomore season, pro skiers and boarders everywhere have descended upon Copper Mountain’s superpipe to get a jump-start on their competition.

While the Winter Dew Tour stop will be at Breckenridge, not Copper, the host resort has not yet opened a superpipe as of now.

Copper’s pipe is open, causing it to become a sort of celebrity gathering of the world’s top pro skiers and boarders. While these pros have been social to each other, it doesn’t hide the fact they are all looking over their shoulder at the next guy’s moves.

When video leaked earlier this summer of David Wise trying double cork 1260s at the superpipe down in New Zealand, we knew it wouldn’t be long before someone tried to emulate the move. Then, it was Frenchman Kevin Rolland at Copper earlier this week who would be the next skier bold enough to try the move.

Now, we can add a third man to that fraternity of double corks. Canadian Matt Margetts was seen in this video trying them at Copper as well. Margetts sustrained a pretty nasty fall on the move, as he decked out on the vertical wall after completing his final rotation.

Check out the video:

Besides just the double cork 12, other new halfpipe moves have been popping up seemingly overnight. Peter Olenick and Byron Wells (brother of Jossi Wells) seem poised to unleash hell with their alley-oop double flatspin 900s. Even Mr. SImon Dumont has been seen getting his dub game on  in recent days with an impressive line of back to back 900s into a “whiskey flip” or double flair. 

Either way you cut it, the superpipe festivities are going to be something to marvel at come next weekend’s main event.

Makes you wonder if a certain event in February is going to regret not including ski halfpipe?