‘Good guy’ JP Auclair heads back to Kenya with Alpine Initiatives

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 9, 2009 11:25 am

In a sport where there is an increasingly larger focus on winning, sponsorship dollars, and self-promotion, it has become harder to name true role models in skiing.

However, that’s not to say there aren’t anomalies amongst the norm, as pro skiing legends like JP Auclair regularly demonstrate.

Auclair, a freeskiing pioneer and one of the six original founders of Armada Skis, helped found the charitable organization “Alpine Initiatives” a few years ago. The organization was created as “a platform to give the snow sports community an opportunity to get together and work on different projects that will have a positive impact on the world we live in” (Alpine Initiatives). 

Alpine Initiatives’ first project is working to construct an orphanage in the aids-plagued country of Kenya. Alpine Initiatives have teamed up with Dr. Karambu Ringera and International Peace Initiatives (www.ipeacei.org) to construct the facility in the Kithoka district where it will rely heavily on a sustained community-wide effort. The Amani Community Home (ACH), “Amani” meaning “peace” in Swahili, is a new model for orphanages in the country.

Alpine Initiatives said, “Rather than sending the orphaned children to overcrowded centralized orphanages, ACH is an effort to give the children a sense of belonging by keeping them in their local schools and have them continue relationships with extended families and friends. The orphans will also receive housing, food, education funding and training. The community, will help support the building and main

taining of the home. The ACH is committed to the wise use of environmental resources and is designed to be self-sustaining through a network of industries such as farming and cottage industries.

The group embarked on its inaugural trip in Fall 2008, and will follow that successful visit to perform the following tasks:


- See how the dining hall will be added to the kitchen
- Plan for a half basket ball court. (Oakley eyewear’s Christmas present to the kids)
- Set up an Alpine Initiatives bank account in Meru
- Analyze for any new ACH needs
- Talk to the local workers about their coffee fields/personal development.
- Survey of the gardens and assess current accomplishments
- Visit the kids! They just got done with a school semester and are all back at KACH project


We here at The Ski Channel would like to commend the tremendous efforts of JP and everyone involved with Alpine Initiatives and are looking forward to seeing your progress for years to come.

If you would like to find out how you can help Alpine Initiatives, please visit their website for more details.