Tiger mistress number 1 upset with mistresses number 7 and 9

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on December 9, 2009 11:13 pm

Poor mistress management became the topic of the day, this day 14 of Tigergate.  It seems mistress number 1, Rachel Uchitel, the only mistress to allegedly get mistressmony from Swedish ski babe Elin Nordegren’s ex-whackupsidethehead with a 3 iron is raving mad because the Tiger had unprotected sex with two porn stars. 

Note to self…always make any famous athlete you are having an affair with sign a contract that any other porn stars he is having an affair with at the same time get the protected piece as opposed to the non-protected.

Uchitel is purportedly going to be getting checked out for any disease or grossness that could have been picked up by the porn stars.  That would be a new twist if she came back positive.  Here’s hoping this story ends with some great skiing in Jackson Hole at Tigers pad near the ski resort.