Colby West shows off diverse vocal talents with new ‘characters’ on Colby TV

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 10, 2009 7:55 am

Like so many pro skiers, Colby James West, has been an extremely busy man of late. As nearly every relevant competition skier prepares for the start of the Winter Dew Tour and X-Games, Colby has somehow managed to balance his park training with expansion of his hilarious new comedy website, “Colby TV.”

For long-time fans of Colby, you are probably by now familar with his amazing abilities to modify his voice to sound like any number of different characters. The MSP film “Seven Sunny Days” featured him imitating everyone from fellow pro skier TJ Schiller to an South African tiger poacher. 

Today, Colby TV has launched the characters page of its website. This new section allows you to play around by sampling voice snipets of 26 various characters.  It’s really funny, so go have a blast with it and maybe use it to prank call an unsuspecting friend.