Univ. of Wisconsin students attempt to break largest snowball fight record

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 10, 2009 12:59 pm

As recent major winter storms have blanketed the US everywhere from Lake Tahoe to Houston, all signs are pointing to winter being in full swing. 

Madison, WI recently was among those cities to feel the brunt of Mother Nature’s wrath, as storms dropped 17″ of fresh snow on the Wisconsin capital. Following the storm, students at UW-Madison were shocked to find out they were blessed with a snow day after classes were cancelled for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Following the University’s proclamation of the snow day, students assembled on Bascom Hill in a valiant attempt to beat Michigan Tech, and its current reigning snowball fight record. 

Check out the mayhem ensued:


Personally if I were a UW-Madison student, I would have passed on the snowball gathering to go session some urban rails on the campus with my skis. As Salomon Freeski TV demonstrated, its often the cops who make urban rail missions difficult. With them all tied to this snowball fight, it would have been smooth sailing for some handrail destruction.