Sarah Burke: Questions only The Ski Channel would ask her

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on December 11, 2009 8:13 pm

When you think of Sarah Burke, you think “hottest girl in the world.”  You don’t throw the word “the” in there because any attention deficit disorder you had as a child is rearing its ugly head as you try to focus.  You actually revert to somewhat of a basic primate.  You have all your rudimentary motor and reasoning skills; you just can’t put any of them together.  The definition of you becomes a “blank looking, stare off into space, jaw open dude.”  You might make noise, but basic language skills are pretty much out the window.   Never operate heavy machinery while thinking of Sarah Burke.

When you try to speak… the words “Will you marry me, right now” come out, but “you can have all my money and there is a plane leaving for Mexico in 14 minutes” doesn’t quite make it… she starts dialing 911.  You get the picture…Sarah Burke = 8th wonder of the world and wonder’s 5 through 7 are in serious jeopardy of losing their spots.

Hands down the coolest thing to come out of Canada since Rush, Neil Young or Bachman-Turner Overdrive.  And yes they are touring again and yes they are in lawsuit over the BTO name.   


As a skier, there are few better.  She is a ROXY pro rider who began competing in Moguls at age 15 and traveled all over North America with the Ontario Ski Team before shifting to the Freeride movement.

In terms of accolades, she has pretty much won everything there is to win in both Slopestyle and Superpipe including X Games, the World Skiing Invitational, the World Cup, the US Freeskiing Open and the World Superpipe. 

Her combination of talent, beauty, personality and fame has done as much for Women’s sports and skiing as anything since Billie Jean King and chairlifts.

So we got on the phone with Sarah Burke and just thought of John Belushi in Animal House pouring food on himself so we could concentrate while we ask her some rapid fire questions.

Here is what we came up with:


Ski Channel – So Sarah, will you marry me right now?  You can have all my money and there is a plane leaving for Mexico in 14 minutes.

Sarah Burke – (no response, but it seems like she is dialing 3 numbers on her phone.)


Ski Channel – You are obviously one of the world’s most passionate skiers.  What does the future hold for you and your relationship with skiing?

Sarah Burke – There are so many things I love about skiing.  I still want to do more big segments in films.  I love skiing more today than I did when I started.  But, I really don’t know what I want to do after my pro career.


Ski Channel – What do you do in your non-ski time?

Sarah Burke – I love designing with ROXY.  It is a blast.  After that I love sports, movies and being with friends and my family.  Just the simple things.


Ski Channel – What is your favorite resort?

Sarah Burke – No question, Whistler.  It’s the best mountain in the world.  Endless terrain, great snow… there is nothing better.


Ski Channel – What is your favorite terrain?

Sarah Burke – Black Park.


Ski Channel – What are your favorite chairlifts?

Sarah Burke – Peak Chair gets you to really good stuff.  Glacier chair gets you to the back bowls, which are awesome.  Probably those two chairs are my favorites. 


Ski Channel – Who are your favorite people to ski with? 

Sarah Burke – I love skiing with everyone, but especially the Canadian Half Pipe Skiers as well as Rory Brookfield and Grete Eliassen.


Ski Channel – Where else do you like to ski that isn’t in a country where Mike Myers and Matthew Perry were born?

Sarah Burke – Anywhere in Japan is always fun.  I love it there.   Also St Anton is great.


Ski Channel – Any place that you don’t like to ski?

Sarah Burke – I remember last years pipe at X-Games was hard because we couldn’t get any speed, but I love to ski anything.


Ski Channel – Now take a baseball bat, put your head on the end of it and spin around…tic tock, tick tock, tic tock.   OK, will you marry me right now?  You can have all my money and there is a plane leaving for Mexico in 14 minutes.

Sarah Burke – (crickets are chirping in background)


Ski Channel – So on skis you are obviously a daredevil.  How about with other mountain sports? 

Sarah Burke – I am not too much of a daredevil, but I have bungee jumped, which was a blast. 


Ski Channel – What is your favorite restaurant?

Sarah Burke – The Mix.  It has heaters and blankets and the French Onion soup is the best in the world.


Ski Channel – What is on your playlist?

Sarah Burke – Dr. Dre & Jaycee are always the goto artists for me. 


Ski Channel – How’s about a favorite film?

Sarah Burke – Usual suspects


Ski Channel – OK, last question…what is your favorite television show?

Sarah Burke – I know it is kind of dorky, but I love Ellen.  I think she is really funny.


There you have it, a bunch of answers from the most beautiful, talented female on our Earth!   For more information on this wonder Princess go to