Sneak peek into Salomon Freeski Team and their upcoming Winter Dew Tour preparations

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 11, 2009 6:16 pm

With the start of the Winter Dew Tour season only a week away, pro skiers are quietly preparing for the event. The multi-stop format of the Winter Dew Tour makes it integral for competitors to get a good start towards earning points on the season. Tanking one event could take someone out the running for the Dew Cup almost immediately.

Some of the most highly-touted skiers entering the contest are members of the Salomon Freeski Team, which has set up shop in a Breckenridge condo for their skiers.

The digs are pretty impressive as they feature flat-screen TVs for team members to unwind with after a hard day on the hill. In keeping with the holiday spirit, the crib also features a cheery Christmas tree.

However, it’s not all fun and games at the house. Serious training methods are being utilized with equipment such as ‘Gold’s Gym’ stationary bikes. Just take a look at the training session going down in the picture below, and it’s easy to tell just how badly these skiers want to win. 

Perhaps most importantly, the Salomon team will be outfitted with their own arsenal of skis, such as this wall of Salmon Suspects. Can’t take any chances by not having enough park skis, those things tend to break when you least suspect it. 

Now while these top athletes enjoy their lavish lifestyle, keep in mind as it comes with heavy expectations for success as the riders prepare for next week.