Kill the politicians at Nepal summit on Mount Everest

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on December 13, 2009 9:06 pm

Earlier this month one of the coolest, strangest, most dangerous political meetings of all time took place at Kalapathar near Everest base camp at over 17,000 feet.  For the folks who haven’t skied higher than a 12,000 footer…let us tell you that it is freaking cold and the air is thinner than Jared that Subway guy (before he put the weight back on.)

The Nepalese politico’s put on oxygen tanks and signed a commitment to tighten environmental regulations as well as expand Nepal’s protected areas.  There is major evidence that Himalayan glaciers are melting so quickly that melting snow will wash away villages from flooding in the near future.

The Kalapathar area is flat and has plenty of room to helicopter in some politicians.  Although the politicians were there for over 20 minutes, they had oxygen and their oxygen levels in their blood were being monitered.  Unfortunately, no one skied down and another heli trip was wasted.  But of course it was wasted on a good cause – trying to stop global warming.