Rachel Uchitel doing Playboy

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on December 13, 2009 11:27 am

Mistress numero uno, the one who lied like a rug to protect her Tiger and then turned over like a pancake at Perkins when mistress number 73 was finally announced…is supposedly in negotiations with Playboy to get nude in print.

I can’t remember was she famous for her acting skills, her singing skills, her athleticism?

Extra is reporting that the uber talent is requesting lots of money.  Notice to all young girls out there.  Pose nude in Playboy after bedding famous people and don’t worry about the reedin, writen and rithmetic.  Don’t worry about embracing nature, working on turns at your ski resort and make sure you blow off those dance class.  The American dream starts at the hoo hoo.

Even as tough as the publishing business is… Hef blow this one off and make her give the money to charity if she wants to pose nude. Obama, please pass a law that being 1/14 of Tiger’s harem doesn’t allow you to become an instant millionaire.

Ski babe, Elin Nordegren – yes.  Numbers 2 through 14 = no.

Let the rest go on survivor or celebrity fit club or something to fertilize their new celebrity status, but nothing more.