Tiger Woods a detailed look at the numbers

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on December 13, 2009 9:28 pm

In every story you read about Tiger Woods, they throw out numbers like “Sports on Billionaire Athlete” or “$100 Million per year.”  Well we decided to take a couple hours and really dig in to see how much these numbers are.  Keep in mind that none of this information is verified.  We just took it from various websites and newspapers, so think of it in terms of a percentage chance of being right.  Here you go:


Gatorade – this was supposedly a big deal worth over $20 million per year.  Gatorade, the beverage invented by Jack Mooney in Indianapolis, Indiana for Stokely Van Camp (feel free to debate below, but you will lose) dumped the drink last week.

Gillette – the dream team with Roger Federer and Thierry Henry.  Guess is around $15 million per year for Tiger.  One report says $20 million.  But Gillette will not likely continue that campaign.

EA Sports – Tiger did a 6-year deal in ’06 that likely tied to sales.  We are hearing $8 million pre-car wreck and who knows after.  Certainly possible that some people will buy the game just for the collectors item status of it.

AT&T – tough to find info on this number, but we believe $10 million is ballpark.

TAG Heuer – we would think that they would be bailing faster than a guy in a rowboat taking on water in an alligator pond.  The ads are just a face, a watch and a smart comment.  Pretty hard for that watch company to stay with him with their business rules, but they announced that his private business is none of theirs.  Were guessing this deal is a million or two and a bunch of watches for him and his crew.  Lets just say it would be nice to be on Tigers Christmas list.

Buick - seems like it is between $8 million and $10 million per year.  It is the car industry, so likely there was some re-writes in this last year.

Nike – seems like it is about $20 million per year.    Highly likely there are performance bonuses in there.

Accenture – this deal seems like $20 million per year going to zero.  The Tiger ads are gone from the website.

Titlest – this deal happend in 1996 and was somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million for 5 years.  He is using the Nike ball now.

American Express – nearest we can tell this is already over.

NetJets – these deals are usually free airfare and little more.

Tatweer:  The Tiger Woods Dubai – Tiger likely got an upfront fee and then a piece of sales which shouldn’t be as effected by this as the economy in Dubai.  We are guessing this is going from $2 million per year to very little.

TLC Laser Eye Centers – this company is traded on the NASDAQ and the last trade was at 16 cents per share.  Lots of these deals are for stock.  If that is the case, this one isn’t going to be much.

Upper Deck – these deals don’t usually pay the mega-bucks as they have a lot of athlete mouths to feed.  But $2 million is a safe bet.

PGA Tour - Tigers website lists them as a sponsor, but it is highly likely that they are a cash player to Tiger outside of maybe donating to his charity.  They would have to do that for every player.

So after all that, we are thinking that our favorite skier Elin Nordegren’s Tiger boy was making about $110 million per year.